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Beware of Monsters!

Major news out of the New Zealand Gametime community this past week:

Monsters of the Week has been released! Mike Sands has been working on this and other games for a long time, and was one of the inspirations for creating Gametime in the first place. It's great to finally see something out in the world! This is a hack of Apocalypse World for all your monster-fighting needs. It's a great game, and a lovely book! Find out more, and how to order, here!

Also released is Mansfield With Monsters, by Gametime's very own Debbie (debzter) & Matt (mattcowens) Cowens! This is a literary mashup inserting some weirdness into the short stories of NZ's greatest writer, Katherine Mansfield. There's some bonus gamesmanship wrapping up the collection, featuring a mysterious academic who has disappeared. It's a marvellous package, has been getting great reviews from the most mainstream of NZ media, and is very handsome to boot. Find out more, and how to order, here!

Both of these Monstrous treats come highly recommended with the Gametime stamp of approval!

Dale Elvy on new Kiwi RPG stuff

While Gametime snores in the corner, Kiwi gamer activity has continued in a bunch of other places. One of those spots is Total Party Kill, the blog of Dale Elvy. It's worth an explore if you're interested in horror games in particular, and the early posts about a TPK event are also well worth a look.

Last week Dale posted enthusiastically about a bunch of new cool stuff that has appeared from NZ creators lately. He's kindly agreed for me to repost it here. I added in price info.

New Zealand RPGs represent!

Just taking a moment to celebrate some of the fine New Zealand roleplaying games that have recently been published. First up The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon by Jenni in which four players play teenage best friends. Two human, two supernatural…somethings. One human falls in love with one supernatural and it’s basically a hilarious emo pastiche of Twilight and similar books/movies/TV shows. Buy it from Lulu here [$10 hard copy, $5 PDF].

Next up is Al Shir-Ma, A 66 player LARP co-authored by yours truly. Al Shir-Ma is a Live Roleplaying scenario set in a fantasy world loosely based on the 1001 Arabian Nights. The players take the roles of important people in the town, the court, leading merchants, prominent townsfolk, and assorted visitors and travellers. There are strong threads of political intrigue, magic, romance, duplicity and revenge running throughout the game. Available from RPGNow [$10 PDF], drop me a line if you'd like a review copy.
Here's a scenario I can highly recommend having had a really great time play-testing it for the Morgue. A diabolical contest is underway, and the unwitting heroes are all that stand between the villains and the ultimate prize! Can the heroes withstand being drawn into … The Mastermind Affair? Written for the highly entertaining ICONS supers system and availble now at RPGNow [$1.99 PDF]. Then it's on to The Black Hart of Camelot by Ryan Paddy which is a live roleplaying scenario for 24 players set in the legendary age of King Arthur, bringing together the lords and ladies of the tales for a gathering that will shape the fate of the Kingdom of Britain. Get it from RPG Now [$8.99 PDF].
Finally, you have to check out Monophobia. Almost a decade in development, Monophobia is a collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures for lone Investigators (and a willing Keeper). Written by Mark Chiddicks and Marcus Bone, two veteran Call of Cthulhu Keepers. Get it from the Unbound Book now [FREE!].
So get out there and support some great Kiwi titles!